How to make child bathing and bedding safe & cozy

Before you go to sketch out a plan for creating a suitable space for children to live comfortably within your dream home, you must think of their safety first.  Sometime, single lapse on your part may cost you dearly.  There are numerous instances when children suffered a lot due to non-friendly environment for the kids prevailed within their sweet homes.  Having experienced the gravity of the situation, we have brought for you some innovative ideas as furnished below on “how to create a healthy and kid’s friendly bath and bedding room” within your  home, instantly.  Kindly go through the same carefully.

Make your bath kid’s friendly

Before you intend to create or carve out a bath room for your kids or growing children, following few things are to be taken into consideration:-

Sink or vanity is the best option for small kids to bath

You may better turn your sink or vanity into a bathing place for your children which could prove as the safest place for tiny tots or small kids to bath. Obviously, water can’t do any harm to your small kids here.  Therefore, buy a customized sink or vanity according to the size of your small kids and get it fixed after providing hose attachment to the sink for water instantly.  Now, bath is ready for the tiny tots.  Make them enjoy bathing safely.

Consider bath tub for growing children

Tiny tots grow steadily and require constant attention or care for their staying healthy all the time.  When these kids fall under the category of growing children, they don’t need sink and vanity to bath. Naturally, they require much bigger space for bathing.  Obviously, bath tub is the ideal device for them to bath.  But at the same time, level of water and hard surface must be maintained according to the size of your growing children as the child bath safety is a big concern. Therefore, to make it children friendly, provide a suitable customized bath tub while maintaining required water level within and make your grownups enjoy differently.

Provide small bath stool or bench to protect children

To keep the bath more secure or safe for the small kids, you may also provide small bath stools or bench am dist the water. Anti-skidded bath mats could also reduce the chances of slipping. Therefore, place these on the bottom surface of your bath tub to help children prevent from skidding.

Provision of faucets with rubber substance is good option
Cover the faucets with rubber substance to protect the kids from feeling extensive cold or hot.  At the same time, child bath should be equipped with a thermometer to get set the temperature of water right for the kids.    


Don’t spend much on bedding

Since kids grow quickly, it’s not wise to spend too much on children bedding like blankets, colorful quilts, exclusively designed pillows, etc. It may cost you dearly. Therefore, it is advisable that restrict your purchases to the things which are badly needed by the kids. The other option is to go for buying slightly bigger blankets, linens or bed-sheets that are to be used when children become grownups. 

Make the bedding safe and soft

Always go to buy such bed-sheets, blankets or throw pillows or pillow covers that are flame retardant. Small kids should be provided with soft linens or blankets to make them relaxed comfortably and feel cozy all the time.

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