Misconceptions About Interior Designers

There may have some misapprehensions in the minds of people about multi-faceted task of an interior designer. Generally people think that a designer always plays with furnishing and fabrics only to make your interior or exterior beautiful and elegant. On the contrary, some people are of the view that TV could serve you better in case you intend to decorate your interior to its perfection. But you can’t depend upon TV shows, as it gives incomplete information about the profession. If you really wish to deflate the misapprehensions of interior designers, then have a look on the following few points, that may enlighten you much to your belief.  

Women supremacy in the field of interior designing

No doubt, women are the champions in the field of interior or fashion designing, but men are not left behind. They also opt for interior designing as a career, now-a-days. Therefore it is thrown open to any sex. Facts and figures reveal that in modern perspective, men are more interested than the women to make it a source of their livelihood. 

Know more about multi-faceted task of an interior designer

It’s a misconception that an interior designer plays with fabrics, paint or other items to be used to decor home differently. As a matter of fact, he also indulges himself with sketching out a plan before decorating any interior, determining about the area of application and the space needed, going through the blueprints obtained from builder or architect concerned. He must be well aware of the buildings codes and rules specified for inspection.

To engage an interior designer is a costly affair and can’t be afforded

There is yet another misconception among the masses that to engage an interior designer is a costly affair and hence most of the house owners even do not think of hiring a designer while carrying out remodeling of their dream homes. You are mistaken. The situation is quite different. To hire an interior designer is not a costly affair. If you wish to get even a small room renovated or decorated then even you may call the designer. You would be much happy to know that he has done his best within your budget. Therefore, engage him even at a low remuneration and decor your room differently.

Designers are more rigid and instead they charge exhorbitantly

Mostly, people have in their mind misconception that designers are more rigid and instead charge exhorbitantly to help transformed their houses fabulously. It’s not a fact. Don’t believe upon false statement. Such statement could deprive you of seeking any help from an expert designer even at a very low remuneration.

Designers are masters of their field

Beware of this statement. None can become the master of their fields. No doubt, designers are expert in decorating your interior marvellously but they don’t have any idea of your investing money on the particular projects. You would certainly give a face lift to your home according to your budget and taste ignoring designer’s advice. Therefore, he is totally ignorant about your liking and disliking and can’t do anything beyond your wish.

Designers decorate their own house elegantly

This is not true. They always have a busy schedule and do not find time even to think about renovating their house exotically. Although they have cordial relations with some of renowned business outlets and could get discounts on all the items to be used in decorating their homes yet most of the time they can’t do anything owing paucity of time.

I am much confident to decor my home, why should I engage a designer?

It’s yet another misconception when you intend to layout a plan for decorating your interior yourself and always avoid taking advice from an expert designer. No doubt, you have vast experience in the line but your over confidence on you could spoil money as well as your time, if you fail to bring magnificence within your dream home. Therefore, don’t be over confident and hire a designer who could give you his best to decor your home decently.

My small home can’t be decorated well due to paucity of space

Never think of it that you are having a small home to decor.  See, if you hire a designer, then he will certainly be able to transform your interior amazingly and even within your budget charging a minimum amount for his timely good advice.  Therefore, don’t be discouraged and try it even within your small home and enjoy with various design or patterns within your home all the time.   


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