How to Make Your Long Room Look Beautiful

 Its all depend upon the size of your plot on which you are going to construct rooms of different shapes and sizes as per your requirement. The dimensions of rooms could be rectangular or there may be some squarely designed rooms or even a step further you may go for long narrow room according to the space available with you. Although long narrow rooms are obviously made on an awkward space yet these can be furnished beautifully if you know the techniques as to how such rooms are made fabulous instantly after renovation. Kindly go through the following few tips to make your long narrow but awkward room look much gorgeous.

Let your attention be diverted towards the gorgeousness of long room

Organize all the electrical or electronic gadgets like your TV set and refrigerator etc., within your long and narrow room in such a way that your room may not look awkward anymore and find all the necessary appliances within your reach. Therefore, make it a point not to place or push everything against the walls lest frequently visited area within the room should fall prey of cluttered conditions. You should be well aware of the facts that how much distance is required between you and your TV set so that you may view TV conveniently. Place or fix your TV set in a good looking direction to make your long room look gorgeous. 

 Enhance the space with style

Instead of placing a table beside your bed you may carve out a niche or fix wall mounted ply board shelf just over your bed enhancing the frequently visited area enormously. Therefore, treat your niche and shelf as a table to put all necessary items including your books on it. You may go a step ahead to hang out pendant lights instead of placing a table lamp beside your bed to keep the space around your bed free for moving out conveniently. Besides enhancing your space, it will make your long and narrow room look much classic.

Shift your focus on sun light while decorating long and narrow room

Organize your seating in such a corner of your long and narrow room where rays of the sun reach uninterruptedly throughout the day. The place could be near your entrance door or beside the window. Place your chairs without or with arms away from the wall to make the space appear to be much wider.

Divide the room in segments aesthetically

Go to divide your long and narrow room into many segments. It will certainly able to make fine distinctions among the segments by placing furniture or gadgets or whatever you have with you to décor your room superbly. Place a sofa set on the surface of one of the segment. Use cleverly the space of another segment for keeping table along with chairs and benches separately. Remaining segments can be used for putting electrical and electronic gadgets in place and so on.  For signifying various segments clearly you may use floor-mounted sockets so that lamp could be inserted into these sockets to illuminate all the segments amazingly. At the same time, please make it a point to buy the items that may easily be accommodated within the segments conveniently.

Place your bed in a horizontal position

According to length and width of your narrow long room go for a customized bed and place it in a horizontal position in a stylish way.  Besides creating an aesthetic view within, your bed will not occupy much space while giving you all comfort whenever you go to your bed at night.  So, try for the idea and be relaxed all the time.

Keep or fix an exclusively designed mirror to extend spectacular view to your long room

Beside your bed, hang out or fix a mirror that could help the long and narrow room appeared to be much spacious than before. A pair of mirror to be fixed onto the opposite wall when bounced back would create a spectacular view within your awkward narrow and long room all the way.

Think of gray and off whites or even white

The combo of gray and off whites or even white would help your room appear much brighter and wider than before. Therefore, go to opt for applying gray as an accent color for your wall and paint your ceiling as white or off-whites.  This combination could match perfectly to your long room and make it fabulous any way.

Don’t make your long room feel like a corridor within your home

Your empty long and narrow room would certainly make you feel it as a corridor within your home.  Therefore, décor it by placing or putting small side tables with armchairs at a corner and adorn other corner of the room with a coffee table.  A beautiful collection of furniture around your room would automatically reverse the idea of considering it as a corridor all the way. For instance, make unique seating arrangement and organize your sofa sets, tables and chairs against the long wall accordingly.  Your room would look more beautiful and attractive instantly.

Illuminate your long room gorgeously

Besides natural light, also think of lighting fixtures and fittings to be used while making your long room exemplary.  Since the area of your long room is narrow, you may go to opt for down lights that may not make your room congested any way. Also go for small standing lamps, table lamps or wall mounted lights that would certainly make your room clutter free.

At last but not the least, you may go for fixing wallpaper exotically

Besides using many design or patterns, texture, colors of upholsterers, cushions, even lampshades, you may also go for fixing uniquely designed and printed wallpaper for furnishing your long room differently.  So give your long and narrow room a purpose by using wall paper instantly. 


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