Why to go for Open Theme Bath Area?

Have you ever dreamt of a bathroom within your home that welcomes you with open hands? If not, then spin your imagination and go for remodeling your bath as an open theme bathroom if the space is at a premium within your home. Obviously not for all spaces but the theme can be applied for some special areas that has to be identified carefully. Of course, some people would be reluctant to have such type of bath area within their house. But it is without mention that in modern perspective open theme bathrooms are being liked and used by the architects to define spaces differently. See few of the illustration at a glance if you feel to implement the idea.
A separate room is not needed for remodeling open theme bath

When you plan to build a home, provision for a separate room for bath is made. But thanks to the open bath idea or the trend that is being adopted by few of the people across the world and encouraging others to go for it surely describing its several benefits accurately making it more authentic all the way.  Obviously it is most inexpensive to remodel besides no extra space is required and safeguard your all interest including sensitive issues like privacy. Since the space of bath is all open, it allows natural light enter from each and every corner. It is also multi-functional and accessible easily. Although the concept is not rejected solely but even then people will certainly realize its urgency soon after getting fed up with the old concept bathroom and enjoy with the new one.
 Go for attached open bath within your bedroom
If space is a problem then you may go for open bath theme that may not eat out your space as well as your wallet and instead accommodate a stylish bathroom within your bedroom. Since bedroom is most private and personal place you may go with this theme without hindrance. Attach your bathtub to the wall of your bedroom and cover these with a piece of plyboard measuring at least 4’ in hight and keeping the way to the toiletry open and even without door.

Frosted glasses could be the best option for an open bath
A nook of your home can be converted into an open bathroom if some frosted glasses are used as enclosure for your toiletry.  At the same time, make it sure that the toiletry may not be visible from the entry point to your bathroom.
Open bath may be useful if you are all alone
Suppose you liveall alone in one of the metros then you certainly need an open bath within your bedroom to be relaxed comfortably.
Open bath may serve better to curtail humidity
Obviously all wet places like your bath and kitchen is such a place where humidity is prevailed all the time. So, open bath theme may work wonder if carved out at any nook and corner of your dream home. Since open bath area have no door to get it permanently closed, question of moisture or humidity with the bath can’t arise. So, go with open bath theme all the way.
Wooden or plywood board cabinet in the middle can create an open bath area within a room
Place a plywood board wooden cabinet preferably freestanding one in the middle so that it can be shifted to a desired place conveniently.  Also attach toiletry and bath tub to an ascent wall and place a bed or a bench on the segregated portion of the room. This is a fine example of an open theme bath that would certainly make you intriguing all the time.
Free standing items may work wonder
You may shift open bath as and when required if the items to be used in your bath area are all freestanding. These can be your bath tub, vanity or shower, etc. Freestanding objects are freely and conveniently shifted from one place to another. It may be your bedroom, guest bedroom, even your children’s room or any nook within your home.
Shower beside your bedroom
You may go for a shower within your bedroom but be careful while using frosted glasses as enclosure to your shower. Ensure that nothing could be visible from outside to maintain privacy all the time while its usage. 
So, if you are intending to opt for open bath theme then go through the articles and let us have your comments if any. Thanks.


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