How to save trees while renovating home


While sketching out a plan for renovation or construction of a new home, majority of the homeowners totally forget to add some useful but unique ideas in the plan to save trees around their dream home.  As trees always play an important role to keep environment around us pollution free, we must give priority to its up keeping and good health all the time. While renovating home, there are certain elements like trucks carrying raw material for renovation or construction or even equipment to be used in building a home, could damage existing tree line badly. Sometime damaged trees can’t survive that could make the appearance of your outdoor area dull all the way. We have some of the following useful tips with us for  the homeowners like you that may certainly get you inspired as how to save trees during  remodeling or construction instantly.

Trees needs special care that are in peril 

Obviously sometime it happens that trees landed with fruits come in the way of construction or renovation and you find yourself quite helpless to save it from being axed.  At this juncture, consult your builder and make him realize that trees are the treasure trove and must be preserved in any way. He would certainly find a perfect solution to the problem by using his skill along with most improvised technologies and methods as to how the precious trees are saved. For the purpose, you have to apprise your contractors or builders or the designers/architects of your strategy to save the trees well before you sketch out your plan to carry out any kind of construction or renovation. Therefore, coordination between you and your builders or designers must. 

Save trees by using plastic or steel fence

All the matured green trees in your kitchen garden or in a landscape in front of your dream home can be saved or protected by using plastic or steel fence around the trees before you go to start renovation or construction work as per your need and taste. Obviously, it is a best way to protect your precious property that could make you feel all frees, cozy and cool besides keeping your environment around you pollution free and staying you fit all the time. If your locality falls under the preview of any municipal limit then fencing must be done strictly in accordance with the rules framed by the authority for fencing.

Make proper plan and avoid injury to trees

Opting for a proper plan to protect or save trees from any harm or injury, you may take at least two main elements into consideration before you intend to carry out renovation or construction work.  One of the prominent elements is “root of a tree” that could be damaged while digging or making a trench near the root of a tree.  If any significant root of the tree is cut by mistake then demise of a tree is certain.  The best way to protect the tree is to draw a circle around the tree on the ground or put a protective fence and do not allow anybody to dig the space around.   The other element is low branches of trees that could be damaged by a truck engaged for carrying raw material.  In such a situation ask your builder or the designer to change route of the truck so as to avoid any harm to the trees.  Obviously, he has many options to divert the route of the vehicles used in carrying raw material.  

Putting barricades is also a good option

Also putting a barricade is the best way to save trees from damaging.  Make it a point not to allow heavy trucks or any tall or big equipment to be driven near to any mature tree and instead put a barricade well before lawn or kitchen garden starts.  In this way you could certainly succeed in saving or protecting your tree to its perfection.

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