How to care for your woollen garments


As winter spreads its wings over the region where you live in so you start searching for woollen cloths to make you warm and cozy during the season comfortably.  It is without mention that buying woollen garments of your choice may not be a painful affair for you but issues pertaining to its up-keeping could put you in trouble if these are not maintained carefully. Nylons, polyesters, cotton or silk stuffs are easy to clean and handle but wool needs more attention and hence we have brought for you some tricky ideas that may enable you to care for your woollen garments perfectly.    

Be good to buy good always

While going to buy woollen garments always concentrate on its longevity, exclusively designed and beautifully knitted good quality stuff to make it a long time investment.  At the same time, to make your woollen garments live longer, always avoid excessive dry cleaning that would go a long way to shorten the life of your woollen clothes enormously. It is observed that most of the people across the world go for dry cleaning the clothes after every wearing which is not in their interest at all. 

Use dusting in a regular interval

Always use fine quality brush for dusting your woollen garments.  Bold strokes of a brush may work wonder to keep the wool clothes look new, attractive, neat, and clean all the time.  Dusting man-made woollen garments are slightly hard to clean than that of knitted one. Therefore, brush these with care to its perfection. 

Remove stains instantly.

If any of your woollen garments got stained for some reasons than make it a point to remove stains immediately otherwise you will not be able to get the same removed at any cost and in such a case you have no option but to seek help from a dry cleaner to remove the stains quickly. 

Always use heavy padded hangers

Always go for arranging good quality hangers to hang out your woollen clothes inside the closets to make the stuff of woollen made garments shining, attractive, neat and clean all the way. Fine quality heavy padded and stylishly shapped wooden or steel hangers while adding extra charm to your closets would keep all the clothes well organized and intact. In a broader sense you may say that this kind of hangers will not make the woollen clothes stretched or misshapen and instead would give a gorgeous look all the more. On the other side, thin steel or wooden hangers, or made of wires or plastic would not yield good results.

Woollen Garments Care
Woollen Garments Care

Be more careful while drying your clothes

Wet woollen garments get 10 to 20 times heavier than its actual weight. This extra weight will certainly get it stretched extensively so always avoid pegging these woollen garments up on other clothes and instead hang these over numerous rungs while drying.

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