Bathroom Mistakes to be taken care while renovating your home

Whenever you think of renovating or remodelling your bath area, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration. Your main focus should be on the space needed for remodelling, besides calculating an estimated amount to be incurred and prepare a list for buying appliances and accessories to make your bath area look as fresh as ever. Secondly, always consult a designer or an architect who are well versed in renovating bath area to its perfection. Thirdly, carry out renovation within the time frame. Now, we have with us most innovative ideas of our expert designers or architects which may enlighten you with a difference. Kindly go through the ideas below and implement instantly.

Space occupied by your bath tub could be considered for a shower area

If the existing bath tub has occupied more than the required space than it is a wise step to place appropriate bath tub within and use the vacant space as shower area. In most of the cases it has been observed that the house owners sparingly use bathtub for bathing or even dislike it for some other reasons. If this space is used for shower, it will not cost you dearly because existing plumbing or sanitation work for bath tub could serve the purpose better. In both of the cases, calculate your space accurately and consider for your wallet so that it may not be eaten out much before you go to renovate it elegantly.

Toiletry should not be at the entrance

Toiletry just behind the door at your entrance would not present an aesthetic view and instead your guests will be perturbed after seeing bathroom at the entrance whenever they manage to get in or step in. If you want to make your guests all happy, then kindly never think of making over a toiletry at the entrance. You know, shifting toiletry or bathroom from the entrance to any nook and corner within your home, could cost you dearly. You may extend a pleasant view to your entrance by hiding toiletry with a plywood cabinet wall magnificently. Thus, without demolition and much investment you could renovate your bath area instantly. Certainly go for it.

Don’t chip off the existing tiles

If the floor tiles are faded away or become dingy then do not go for breaking these off. Instead you could lay a fine quality tiles over the existing floor. It will save your money as well as time. This technique is also be used while giving a different look to your walls within bath area.

Don’t replace the existing electrical wires if you find these in good condition

While renovating your bath area do not remove the wire in good condition, fitting and fixture and instead may go for modifying lights to its perfection. You may replace the old style bulbs, tubes and fix fancy or decorative lights for illuminating your bath area superbly. 

Measure the space according to the accessories or appliances to be accommodated within bath area.

Before you carry out remodelling, measure the dimension of accessories like a bath tub as well as the space, so that it can be accommodated within the given space marvellously. Thus, you would renovate your bath conveniently and even more efficiently.

Consider the appropriate height for a vanity within your bath

If you are having vanity on such a height that you feel inconvenience while washing your hands then while renovating bath area, please get the same fixed on such a level which may enable you to wash your hands without hindrance. Make a plan for doing certain changes before you go for renovating the bath.

Find a nook or corner for fixing a sink within your small bath

If you have a small bath area then making provision for a sink is almost a tedious task within. Under any circumstances you can’t accommodate your sink in it. You need not to worry. We have an innovative idea to find a place for your sink to be fixed efficiently in your bath. Choose any corner or nook within your small bath and fix the sink in such a way that it may not become a hurdle for your bath door to move properly while opening or shutting down. Therefore, think before you remodel bath area.

You may think of having a bath tub

Plan for a bath tub within your small bath area before you go to renovate it. Only your planning in advance would help you make a room for bath tub within the area. There are wide ranges of bath tubs that occupy a little space and specially meant for small bathrooms. Go to buy such improvised products and use within the bath superbly.

You may even go for small vanity

Substandard material and vanity big in size could jeopardize your plan for making your bath elegant before you renovate it. Always make it a point to buy good quality product while taking into consideration the shape and size of the product to be installed as per the space available within your bath area.

Look for affordable utilities that may not destabilize your budget

Make a plan to buy the material for your bath that may be within your reach, lest your budget may not destabilize. Floor or walls tiles if replaced, may cost you dearly. If it is within your budget, than there is no harm to buy the good quality of products within your reach to make wall and floor fabulous.

Before you buy any product for remodelling, go for its physical verification

Ensure that the material which is being used for renovation is as per the specification. Physical verification would go a long way to determine whether the material bought is in good condition and can be used for renovation to its perfection. Give it a top priority any way.


Kindly go through the tips and also let us have your comments on the subject. Thanks.

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