How Could You Define Your Combined Shower- Bath Fabulously?

Due to paucity of space most of our online customers always prefer to go for combined shower-bath. So, they often ask us as to how can a combined shower-bath be defined even within a small space. There are some other customers who have sufficient space to create or to carve out separate shower area within their dream home they could also go with the same illustrations meant for the former.  Since we enlighten our online customers with most innovative ideas to d├ęcor their homes superbly by offering them our “DESIGNING SERVICES” online, we have the pleasure to make you aware of all about a combined shower-bath that can be well described if following few tips are taken into consideration. 
Shower Bath

Go for glass as your shower enclosure

Sliding doors can serve the purpose better if used as an enclosure for your shower after making a glass partition within your bath area to its perfection. This combined shower-bath area would certainly add value to your home if renovated aesthetically.

Waterproof linen or curtains yet another option to consider

Partition can be done by using colorful waterproof linen or curtains as an enclosure to your shower within your bath area. This combined shower-bath area would obviously go a long way to bring all time magnificence if backsplash of your shower area and bath is tiled with an exclusive tiles pattern having colors that could match your linen perfectly.

Chic can be the ultimate answer to your shower enclosure

Gradually fabric curtains are being replaced with most mod and stylish chic. It is also yet 
another good option to use in an enclosure to your shower or bath area fabulously. So, it is as good as the glass panels or the waterproof fabrics. It has strong stuff and available in vibrant colors that can’t be faded for years together. 

A nook beside your bath can also be converted into shower area

If space is a problem then a nook beside your bath could be utilized better as shower area. Here sliding glass panes are very good option to renovate your shower-bath area to its perfection.  

Customized glass panels or even fabric may work wonder

As the time passes by, a trend for customized enclosures are gaining momentum.  Expert designers or renowned architectures also insist the progressive house owners or the general masses to use customized glass panels while renovating their bath area marvelously. Customized products could be replaced without dismantling any portion of your original walls or construction within your dream home.  

Your decision is spending 

As there are four different options to convert your small bath area into shower-bath combined, you can better judge which option may suit you. Glass panels are as good as exclusively designed fabric or chic. Even customized products have its own style to transform any area of your home to its perfection. It is all depend on the space available with you. 


Are you also planning to convert your bath into shower-bath combo then go for the tips as mentioned below after going through this article carefully? Kindly let us have your valuable suggestions, advice or comments on the subject soon also. Thanks a lot.


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