Solar Panels for Homes in India

People were solely depended on thermal plant or hydroelectric power stations for obtaining energy for residential use. But now the trend has virtually been changed as most of the house owners opt for solar panels for homes to minimize the consumption of energy. Solar panels are being used for heating water but sometime it is also used to illuminate the houses elegantly. It is one time investment that may yield good results if installed. Following are the few tips for solar panel installation that will certainly inspire you to install solar system in your premises superbly. 

Solar panels for homes in India

Hot water radiant system could be installed 

This system is considered to be more convenient and thus used vigorously by the homeowners to provide hot water for daily use within your home. A special type or sorts of chemical or fluid is used while transferring the heat to the potable water. Besides resistant to freeze, it is an efficient method which can be adopted by people from all walks of life. Unpainted metals have chances of corrosion that is why a special kind of fluid is used to reduce the chances of corrosion in the pipes any more. Even no extensive renovation is required to install the system.

Engage an expert in the line to install the system

The system must be installed under the supervision of most experienced installer. You may face persistent leakage from the roof top if the system is installed carelessly. Before you plan to install the system you may consult some experts who would better enlighten you as to how the leakage if any could be prevent efficiently after its installation.

One time investment

Since it is a one time investment, it could eat your wallet dearly but at the same time it may reduce your bill for energy consumption drastically. In this way, you can save a lot, say up to 80 percent, if you plan to install the system within your home. 

What is the time frame & appropriate time for installation? 

You need not to remodel or renovate the structure within your home any way. Within the existing structure the system can be accommodated and installed within a week or even less than a week’s time. No particular time of installation is required for the purpose.  So, it can be installed in summer or winter but not on snow bound roofs.

Before installation few things are taken into consideration

Before you go to install a solar panel, you must consider as to which panel suits you the best according to your requirement and space for installation. So, choose the best ever spot where you could install it conveniently on your roof top. Engage an expert and most experienced architect for the purpose. So, solar panels are the best to get sufficient energy for heating water and deriving power to illuminate your home simultaneously and that is even with a minimum consumption of energy with maximum benefit. 


According to space available within your home, you can plan to install the solar panels also to its perfection. But it is advisable that you must consult some experts before you go to install it differently. Meanwhile go through the said idea and let us have your comments on the subject with your valuable suggestions if any. Thanks.


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