How to Décor Your Home with Unused but Glittering Crockery

Piling up unused but the glittering crockery and further getting your stores cluttered is not a wise step any more. You must come out with an open hand to accept the hidden treasure as a thing of beauty to décor your home interior superbly. We also make you aware of the fact that sometime, among from the “frequently asked questions” raised by our valuable customers online like “Is it a healthy way to adorn the interior with unused or abandoned crockery?” make us believe that we must go for it under the able guidance of some expert designers of architects. You will be pleased to know that after a constant touch with the expert designers we brought something special for you to be explained nicely as under.
Glittering Crockery

Arrange colorful plates as decorative storage

On a cabinet counter top place a beautifully designed cake stand on it. Get few of the plates fixed at different level of the stand in an ascending manner and your space for displaying amazing and beautiful but artificial ornaments is ready to use. It is one of the best option to décor your home without much investment any way.

Use a cup as urn to make your drawing room all green

Place a colorfully designed cup on the table of your drawing room and put a bunch of green leafy plants and flowers of different colors in it. It would obviously make you feel the warmth of nature within your drawing room all the more.

You may treat cups as earthen lamps to illuminate your home differently

Use beautifully designed cups as earthen lamps and make your home sparkle all the way on the occasion of Diwali or you may get these arranged to celebrate any special occasion with your family members, guests and loved one joyfully. So, opt for it positively. 

Use old ply board or wooden boxes to display fancy plates

 Fix some old but open ply board or wooden boxes onto the wall over the sofa set placed at your living or drawing room and display as many as fancy and exclusively designed plates inside these boxes to its perfection. You can even place some plate and cups on the table forming a beautiful and attractive design or pattern. Obviously it will transform your living or drawing room marvelously.
Make a mosaic out of broken pieces plate, cups and even spoons

You need not to worry if due to some negligence cups and plates are broken into small pieces. Out of these broken pieces you can make a fabulous mosaic design or pattern to décor your home differently.  This kind of pattern can be used as a back splash of your kitchen, bath or shower area. You can even highlight a wall of your drawing, dining, bedroom or living room with the pattern.

 Enjoy with crockery make kitchen garden

A cake -stand, stripped with green color fabrics and extending artificial branches and leaves out of it and cap it with a colorful plate having a print of red or white rose or cherry flowers on it may appear like a rose grown in your kitchen garden aesthetically. Go for trying this idea and turn your kitchen garden into a rose garden by erecting such artificial rose stem in abundance.

Highlight the entire wall with fixing attractive but colorful plates onto it

You may even highlight the entire wall of your recreation room or children’s room with superbly designed colorful plates. Your children would certainly be attracted with the patterns and attain happiness unimaginatively all the time.

Go for all white aesthetically

Go for arranging to collect single white but crispy colored plates and tray and fix these all in a pattern onto any ascent wall of your dream home. Since these plates are not so expensive, you may buy these from the market to décor your home elegantly.

Dark color surface may be the good option

If you have painted your walls with dark colors like dark blue, dark pink, fire red or even dark yellow then the walls may be well described by fixing colorfully designed plates onto its dark surface. Illuminate your room with lighting fixtures. So, go for it instantly. This would certainly make your home all bright as ever. 

If you have also a plan to make a mosaic out of unused crockery then go through the article that would naturally enlighten you to make your dream home bright all the way.  Let us have your comments soon please. Thanks.    


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