Living Room Ideas

The idea about a living room is that it must be enough spacious to make your guests sit with comfort there. Sometimes you don’t have the much space for the living room and it little small as per the requirement. Decoration and interior design plays an important role in making the living room beautiful and pleasing to eyes. If you are also suffering with the small living room and trying to make it look bigger and attractive then here are some ideas given below for making space look enlarged.

Living Room Ideas

Make the tone of room natural:

The dark colors and more artificial light make the room heavy and occupied more. While the natural light or texture of light colors make the room look bigger and exotic. You can put the light paint on the walls of room and keep the feel of room sober. Light pink, green, sky blue colors are favored for the walls of room. Just keep in mind to make the room colors earthy. The colors chosen for walls, floor, furniture and decoration must not be heavy and they should give a good contrast to each other.

Living Room Ideas

Decent wooden flooring:

Don’t make the floor clumsy and cluttered with carpets. When the space is less then everything must seem clear and managed. You have the option for a wooden or ceramic tile for flooring. The design of tiles must be uniform and simple so that the whole room look even and not so hotchpotch with the design. Keep a match with flooring and walls. This will make it more synchronized. A flooring matter a lot and it also add a factor in making room look bigger or small. You can choose off white, light pinkish, light brown or cream color tiles for apply to floor.

Natural light to room:

Natural light bring the soothing freshness to room. Keep one window w of room wide enough so that maximum sunlight enter in room. It will make the room airy. The artificial light is there in living room the more it will look fresh and alive. You can keep one glass window on the room to curb the problem of light. When there is no such source of natural light it can be compensated with artificial lights, but use the soft light.

Light furniture:

Keep your furniture and accessories light. Don’t put the heavy sofa there when the space is less. It will make room look busy. Choose such furniture which weight less and look light. One sofa table and chair is enough as the living room furniture. You don’t need to put other furniture accessories.  The minimum furniture gives the more show to room as in small living rooms. But make sure it also doesn’t look empty or less occupied as required.


Decoration is other big aspect in smaller living rooms. When you know everything is kept simple and synchronized, the decoration must be done carefully. You can decorate the wall with a painting. Some show pieces can also go well in the living room. You can decorate it with some antique piece.  Choose the cushions for sofa and chair. Keep the unnecessary things out of it. Make the decoration keeping in mind about the contrast of colors. Don’t make it bright or shady; keep the moderation in colors of every accessory present in room.


Plants and flowers in living room always make it beautiful. You can keep the flowering plant at centre or at the corner table. It will balance the texture of whole room and can also become the centre of attraction.

 These were some of ideas given about how you can bring the space to congested living room. Hope this article will help you in making your living room look bigger.

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