Nine tips to say “Home is the best”

“East and West, Home is the best.” Of course, it seems to be true when you talk about your home and every time you are contended, irrespective of the fact that congestion prevails within your home or it is not maintained superbly. Even you never tried hard to get it maintained fabulously as per the space available within your sweet home but out of sheer affection, you really want to stay with the prevailing conditions along with your family members. Then you may better to go for the following few tips and feel the presence of joy and happiness within your home all the time.

Nine tips to say “Home is the best”

Recollect your past memories

Recollect your past memories that will certainly remind you of the things which attracted you most at first sight. The charming entrance of your sweet home, the rarest of the rare creations hanging on the walls, the window through which you used to peep outside view of the landscapes in front of your home, the  balcony where you used to sit for reading newspapers and basking in the sun during winter and so on. Remembering these moments, your home will certainly become a source of joy and happiness for you and your family members all the time.

Take a quick round within your home

Taking a quick round and finding anything suitable for deriving pleasure make you merry amazingly.  That could be your morning cup of tea or coffee, your lovely dishes which are waiting for you at a dining table or your closet where your clothes are arranged nicely. It will certainly create positivity within your home. 

It may bring comfort when you go back to home after day’s work

Suppose you are out to somewhere for 10-15 days or come back to your home after day’s work, you would certainly feel relaxed in case your home produces positive energy all the time. Negative energy would influence your mind and heart adversely in spite of the fact that you are residing in a luxurious house with having most modern gadgets and utilities within your home. Luxury would not give you comfort and peace any more.

The people around you make you happy or sad within your home

If you have a rented house and residing next door to your best friend then it will become a matter of pleasure for you as he will be an easy excess in needs. A neighbour with humility would make your life much happy. So, before you buy a house or move to a rented accommodation, make it a point to select such a place as a residence where you could attain peace all the time and no untoward incidents could take place due to the abnormal behaviour of the people around you. So, even a rented accommodation would become the matter of a joy for you.    

Make yourself more caring to your nearest and dearest

Do not ignore valuable advice from your nearest and dearest about the patterns and usage of space within your home.  A true friend would help you to bring elegance within your home spontaneously if you share your ideas with him.  If you invite your friends for dinner or for holding some discussion on a future plan, then every efforts should be made to entertain them nicely.  This will again make you attain unimaginative pleasure within your home.

Bricks alone would not make you happy

You can raise a structure by using bricks but you can’t make a home out of it alone. Your beautifully designed sofa set cannot plant even a leafy green sapling by the side of your entry way.  It’s your kids who will make you merry after they used to jump while laughing on that sofa set repeatedly on your arrival at home. So, home is not a name of rooms or space alone but your family members who love you dearly make it so.

Outside view may transform a house into a home

Your home surroundings make a difference. Nature always has its impact on all the living entities.  If your home is situated at a place from where you could view the mountains and landscapes outside, then you are enough lucky to have such a place to make you merry all the time.

Think positive always

Do not look beyond the dark side of anything you have. Whether they are living things or non-living things around you, always think positive which would certainly make your life tension free.  You will never be the centre of any controversy and lead your life without fear.

Spare sufficient time to your kids and other family members

Although you have so engaged to execute your day’s responsibilities yet you can’t spare time for your kids and other family members to entertain them nicely. But anyhow you must spare some time to play with them, if grown-ups, share discussions but never ignore them. In this way you will be more contended within your sweet home. 


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