How to save trees while renovating home

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While sketching out a plan for renovation or construction of a new home, majority of the homeowners totally forget to add some useful but unique ideas in the plan to save trees around their dream home.  As trees always play an important role to keep environment around us pollution free, we must give priority to its up keeping and good health all the time. While renovating home, there are certain elements like trucks carrying raw material for renovation or construction or even equipment to be used in building a home, could damage existing tree line badly. Sometime damaged trees can’t survive that could make the appearance of your outdoor area dull all the way. We have some of the following useful tips with us for  the homeowners like you that may certainly get you inspired as how to save trees during  remodeling or construction instantly.

Trees needs special care that are in peril 

Obviously sometime it happens that trees landed with fruits come in the way of construction or renovation and you find yourself quite helpless to save it from being axed.  At this juncture, consult your builder and make him realize that trees are the treasure trove and must be preserved in any way. He would certainly find a perfect solution to the problem by using his skill along with most improvised technologies and methods as to how the precious trees are saved. For the purpose, you have to apprise your contractors or builders or the designers/architects of your strategy to save the trees well before you sketch out your plan to carry out any kind of construction or renovation. Therefore, coordination between you and your builders or designers must. 

Save trees by using plastic or steel fence

All the matured green trees in your kitchen garden or in a landscape in front of your dream home can be saved or protected by using plastic or steel fence around the trees before you go to start renovation or construction work as per your need and taste. Obviously, it is a best way to protect your precious property that could make you feel all frees, cozy and cool besides keeping your environment around you pollution free and staying you fit all the time. If your locality falls under the preview of any municipal limit then fencing must be done strictly in accordance with the rules framed by the authority for fencing.

Make proper plan and avoid injury to trees

Opting for a proper plan to protect or save trees from any harm or injury, you may take at least two main elements into consideration before you intend to carry out renovation or construction work.  One of the prominent elements is “root of a tree” that could be damaged while digging or making a trench near the root of a tree.  If any significant root of the tree is cut by mistake then demise of a tree is certain.  The best way to protect the tree is to draw a circle around the tree on the ground or put a protective fence and do not allow anybody to dig the space around.   The other element is low branches of trees that could be damaged by a truck engaged for carrying raw material.  In such a situation ask your builder or the designer to change route of the truck so as to avoid any harm to the trees.  Obviously, he has many options to divert the route of the vehicles used in carrying raw material.  

Putting barricades is also a good option

Also putting a barricade is the best way to save trees from damaging.  Make it a point not to allow heavy trucks or any tall or big equipment to be driven near to any mature tree and instead put a barricade well before lawn or kitchen garden starts.  In this way you could certainly succeed in saving or protecting your tree to its perfection.

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How much to invest in home enovation


Suppose you have been shifted to a rented accommodation or moved to a newly bought house that might be in a dilapidated condition.  What will you do then? Obviously, you will go for decorating your home interior by fixing quality wall tiles and floor tiles onto its wall and floor, respectively, before making a plan to move. You may even gone for opting natural stone or exclusively designed ceramic or glass mosaic tile pattern to define the backsplash of your kitchen elegantly. There are two major things that have to be taken into consideration.  Identify the space which is to be renovated and calculate the amount to be invested on it exactly.   In this way, your budget would not be distablized and instead little changes within rented or newly bought house will make it look new all the time.

Consider for budget first 

Are you looking for a plan as to how you make your home look good on budget, then instead of making castle in the air, come up with the budget and make your home look beautiful.Go for preparing a list of items to be bought to decorate your home elegantly.At the same time, calculate the estimated cost of the listed items, so that your budget may not be destabilized any more.  Also, do not forget to include labour and other miscellaneous expanses in the list. Make it mandatory to buy items for each room like lighting fittings and fixtures, accessories, separately.  Before buying anything online or off line, do some homework to find out whether cost and quality wise products are genuine. 

Where to invest much 

Application of areas would reveal the truth of investment to be made on certain most useful things like a magnificent upholstries, drapes and mattresses, fabric linens, etc. which are most cheap and the best and could translate your dreams into realility instantly.  If you have more funds to invest, then go for buying exclusively designed attractive and colorful sofa set with good stuff that may last you for at least 20 to 30 years. If you are a tenant, you may carry it along with you while shifting to some other places conveniently.   

Yet another option is your dining

While renovating your dining, you may opt to buy a good quality dining set if your budget allows you to do so. It is rather one of the best investments that could be transported as and when you wish to move some other places as a tenant or as a landlord.  At the same time, its placement within your dining room would make it look gorgeous all the way. Consider for floor and windows treatment also, if you have sufficient funds to invest. It would certainly put a good affect on your dining room d├ęcor instantly.

Be liberal to designers or workers

The designers or other helpers who have been engaged to give a new look to your home, must not be ignored as they are very important persons for you. Be liberal to them and fulfill their genuine demands while they are executing your entire plan to renovate your dream home elegantly.

Invest as per the time of your stay

Duration of your stay could also play a major part while you go to invest for renovation your own or rented house. It is advisable to invest in accordance with the duration on floor tiles and wall tiles and also on windows treatments or rugs, if you are staying at the existing place for a short or long period. Always avoid purchasing cabinetry or big almirahas which can’t be transported at the time of your shifting any more.

How to make child bathing and bedding safe & cozy

Before you go to sketch out a plan for creating a suitable space for children to live comfortably within your dream home, you must think of their safety first.  Sometime, single lapse on your part may cost you dearly.  There are numerous instances when children suffered a lot due to non-friendly environment for the kids prevailed within their sweet homes.  Having experienced the gravity of the situation, we have brought for you some innovative ideas as furnished below on “how to create a healthy and kid’s friendly bath and bedding room” within your  home, instantly.  Kindly go through the same carefully.

Make your bath kid’s friendly

Before you intend to create or carve out a bath room for your kids or growing children, following few things are to be taken into consideration:-

Sink or vanity is the best option for small kids to bath

You may better turn your sink or vanity into a bathing place for your children which could prove as the safest place for tiny tots or small kids to bath. Obviously, water can’t do any harm to your small kids here.  Therefore, buy a customized sink or vanity according to the size of your small kids and get it fixed after providing hose attachment to the sink for water instantly.  Now, bath is ready for the tiny tots.  Make them enjoy bathing safely.

Consider bath tub for growing children

Tiny tots grow steadily and require constant attention or care for their staying healthy all the time.  When these kids fall under the category of growing children, they don’t need sink and vanity to bath. Naturally, they require much bigger space for bathing.  Obviously, bath tub is the ideal device for them to bath.  But at the same time, level of water and hard surface must be maintained according to the size of your growing children as the child bath safety is a big concern. Therefore, to make it children friendly, provide a suitable customized bath tub while maintaining required water level within and make your grownups enjoy differently.

Provide small bath stool or bench to protect children

To keep the bath more secure or safe for the small kids, you may also provide small bath stools or bench am dist the water. Anti-skidded bath mats could also reduce the chances of slipping. Therefore, place these on the bottom surface of your bath tub to help children prevent from skidding.

Provision of faucets with rubber substance is good option
Cover the faucets with rubber substance to protect the kids from feeling extensive cold or hot.  At the same time, child bath should be equipped with a thermometer to get set the temperature of water right for the kids.    


Don’t spend much on bedding

Since kids grow quickly, it’s not wise to spend too much on children bedding like blankets, colorful quilts, exclusively designed pillows, etc. It may cost you dearly. Therefore, it is advisable that restrict your purchases to the things which are badly needed by the kids. The other option is to go for buying slightly bigger blankets, linens or bed-sheets that are to be used when children become grownups. 

Make the bedding safe and soft

Always go to buy such bed-sheets, blankets or throw pillows or pillow covers that are flame retardant. Small kids should be provided with soft linens or blankets to make them relaxed comfortably and feel cozy all the time.

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Modern Bedroom Designing ideas

Bedroom is a perfect personal castle where one could live in a most relaxed mood comfortably. Therefore, make it entirely your own by incorporating unique modern designing ideas while adding more utilities like washroom, dressing room, closets, vanity, etc., within your bed room to make it much stylish and mod to its perfection. Among from some amazing design ideas, a few are being furnished here under to help you get introduced the same within your bedroom conveniently.

While providing all time privacy, a bedroom beneath the roof top (called attic) has been designed marvelously. This attic has been converted into a master bedroom introducing many a utilities within. Try out this most modern designing idea and add value to your dream home amazingly. To know more go through our article- “How to renovate your attic master bedroom”.

It’s the most modern designing idea of a master bedroom that is much larger than the moderate. The backdrop of differently designed headboard enormously made exotic by incorporating a mosaic pattern beyond imagination. Beautiful portrait on the wall along with matching drapes and floor design further made it classic. 

It’s most gigantic and versatileguest bedroom. Backdrop of traditionally designed wooden bed and overhead board has been defined with natural stones to make it appear or look like a farm house bedroom for the guests. The perfect example of farm house bed, indeed!!

It’s a fine example of small bed concept. Everything has been put in place in an organized manner to make it clutter free all the way. It looks spacious and also appears fresh and new than ever. Matching floor, walls, linens, throw pillows further made it aesthetic all the way. To know more- go to read our article “How to make your bedroom look new.” 

It’s a superfine combo of guest bedroom-cum-office. Center table with some chairs along with office files and some business related books have been arranged superbly in a rack. Space for in-built bed has also been provided for the guests to enjoy differently. For more detail- read our article “How to make a combo of guest room-cum-office”. 

Perfect answer of a diligently designed children room, indeed!! It’s all green. A coat of green paint has been applied to walls and bed together. Even toys for the kids are all green, red and blue. A loft bed at a corner and a reading room inside the kid’s bedroom added extra charm to it.

Specially made for the grown-ups!! All blue and purple hues revealed the truth of this exclusively designed bedroom for growing children marvelously.  Before go for it, read our article “How torenovate a bedroom for growing children.  

Wall painting describing ultra-fine neutral color combo of purple, pink, grey, white and blue with red as an accent wall color made this gorgeous bedroom most attractive and beautiful all the way. White linens with red and white throw pillows added extra charm to its perfection. For more ideas go through our article “How to use purple while decorating your dream home superbly

How to care for your woollen garments

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As winter spreads its wings over the region where you live in so you start searching for woollen cloths to make you warm and cozy during the season comfortably.  It is without mention that buying woollen garments of your choice may not be a painful affair for you but issues pertaining to its up-keeping could put you in trouble if these are not maintained carefully. Nylons, polyesters, cotton or silk stuffs are easy to clean and handle but wool needs more attention and hence we have brought for you some tricky ideas that may enable you to care for your woollen garments perfectly.    

Be good to buy good always

While going to buy woollen garments always concentrate on its longevity, exclusively designed and beautifully knitted good quality stuff to make it a long time investment.  At the same time, to make your woollen garments live longer, always avoid excessive dry cleaning that would go a long way to shorten the life of your woollen clothes enormously. It is observed that most of the people across the world go for dry cleaning the clothes after every wearing which is not in their interest at all. 

Use dusting in a regular interval

Always use fine quality brush for dusting your woollen garments.  Bold strokes of a brush may work wonder to keep the wool clothes look new, attractive, neat, and clean all the time.  Dusting man-made woollen garments are slightly hard to clean than that of knitted one. Therefore, brush these with care to its perfection. 

Remove stains instantly.

If any of your woollen garments got stained for some reasons than make it a point to remove stains immediately otherwise you will not be able to get the same removed at any cost and in such a case you have no option but to seek help from a dry cleaner to remove the stains quickly. 

Always use heavy padded hangers

Always go for arranging good quality hangers to hang out your woollen clothes inside the closets to make the stuff of woollen made garments shining, attractive, neat and clean all the way. Fine quality heavy padded and stylishly shapped wooden or steel hangers while adding extra charm to your closets would keep all the clothes well organized and intact. In a broader sense you may say that this kind of hangers will not make the woollen clothes stretched or misshapen and instead would give a gorgeous look all the more. On the other side, thin steel or wooden hangers, or made of wires or plastic would not yield good results.

Woollen Garments Care
Woollen Garments Care

Be more careful while drying your clothes

Wet woollen garments get 10 to 20 times heavier than its actual weight. This extra weight will certainly get it stretched extensively so always avoid pegging these woollen garments up on other clothes and instead hang these over numerous rungs while drying.

Why to go for Open Theme Bath Area?

Have you ever dreamt of a bathroom within your home that welcomes you with open hands? If not, then spin your imagination and go for remodeling your bath as an open theme bathroom if the space is at a premium within your home. Obviously not for all spaces but the theme can be applied for some special areas that has to be identified carefully. Of course, some people would be reluctant to have such type of bath area within their house. But it is without mention that in modern perspective open theme bathrooms are being liked and used by the architects to define spaces differently. See few of the illustration at a glance if you feel to implement the idea.
A separate room is not needed for remodeling open theme bath

When you plan to build a home, provision for a separate room for bath is made. But thanks to the open bath idea or the trend that is being adopted by few of the people across the world and encouraging others to go for it surely describing its several benefits accurately making it more authentic all the way.  Obviously it is most inexpensive to remodel besides no extra space is required and safeguard your all interest including sensitive issues like privacy. Since the space of bath is all open, it allows natural light enter from each and every corner. It is also multi-functional and accessible easily. Although the concept is not rejected solely but even then people will certainly realize its urgency soon after getting fed up with the old concept bathroom and enjoy with the new one.
 Go for attached open bath within your bedroom
If space is a problem then you may go for open bath theme that may not eat out your space as well as your wallet and instead accommodate a stylish bathroom within your bedroom. Since bedroom is most private and personal place you may go with this theme without hindrance. Attach your bathtub to the wall of your bedroom and cover these with a piece of plyboard measuring at least 4’ in hight and keeping the way to the toiletry open and even without door.

Frosted glasses could be the best option for an open bath
A nook of your home can be converted into an open bathroom if some frosted glasses are used as enclosure for your toiletry.  At the same time, make it sure that the toiletry may not be visible from the entry point to your bathroom.
Open bath may be useful if you are all alone
Suppose you liveall alone in one of the metros then you certainly need an open bath within your bedroom to be relaxed comfortably.
Open bath may serve better to curtail humidity
Obviously all wet places like your bath and kitchen is such a place where humidity is prevailed all the time. So, open bath theme may work wonder if carved out at any nook and corner of your dream home. Since open bath area have no door to get it permanently closed, question of moisture or humidity with the bath can’t arise. So, go with open bath theme all the way.
Wooden or plywood board cabinet in the middle can create an open bath area within a room
Place a plywood board wooden cabinet preferably freestanding one in the middle so that it can be shifted to a desired place conveniently.  Also attach toiletry and bath tub to an ascent wall and place a bed or a bench on the segregated portion of the room. This is a fine example of an open theme bath that would certainly make you intriguing all the time.
Free standing items may work wonder
You may shift open bath as and when required if the items to be used in your bath area are all freestanding. These can be your bath tub, vanity or shower, etc. Freestanding objects are freely and conveniently shifted from one place to another. It may be your bedroom, guest bedroom, even your children’s room or any nook within your home.
Shower beside your bedroom
You may go for a shower within your bedroom but be careful while using frosted glasses as enclosure to your shower. Ensure that nothing could be visible from outside to maintain privacy all the time while its usage. 
So, if you are intending to opt for open bath theme then go through the articles and let us have your comments if any. Thanks.

Bathroom Mistakes to be taken care while renovating your home

Whenever you think of renovating or remodelling your bath area, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration. Your main focus should be on the space needed for remodelling, besides calculating an estimated amount to be incurred and prepare a list for buying appliances and accessories to make your bath area look as fresh as ever. Secondly, always consult a designer or an architect who are well versed in renovating bath area to its perfection. Thirdly, carry out renovation within the time frame. Now, we have with us most innovative ideas of our expert designers or architects which may enlighten you with a difference. Kindly go through the ideas below and implement instantly.

Space occupied by your bath tub could be considered for a shower area

If the existing bath tub has occupied more than the required space than it is a wise step to place appropriate bath tub within and use the vacant space as shower area. In most of the cases it has been observed that the house owners sparingly use bathtub for bathing or even dislike it for some other reasons. If this space is used for shower, it will not cost you dearly because existing plumbing or sanitation work for bath tub could serve the purpose better. In both of the cases, calculate your space accurately and consider for your wallet so that it may not be eaten out much before you go to renovate it elegantly.

Toiletry should not be at the entrance

Toiletry just behind the door at your entrance would not present an aesthetic view and instead your guests will be perturbed after seeing bathroom at the entrance whenever they manage to get in or step in. If you want to make your guests all happy, then kindly never think of making over a toiletry at the entrance. You know, shifting toiletry or bathroom from the entrance to any nook and corner within your home, could cost you dearly. You may extend a pleasant view to your entrance by hiding toiletry with a plywood cabinet wall magnificently. Thus, without demolition and much investment you could renovate your bath area instantly. Certainly go for it.

Don’t chip off the existing tiles

If the floor tiles are faded away or become dingy then do not go for breaking these off. Instead you could lay a fine quality tiles over the existing floor. It will save your money as well as time. This technique is also be used while giving a different look to your walls within bath area.

Don’t replace the existing electrical wires if you find these in good condition

While renovating your bath area do not remove the wire in good condition, fitting and fixture and instead may go for modifying lights to its perfection. You may replace the old style bulbs, tubes and fix fancy or decorative lights for illuminating your bath area superbly. 

Measure the space according to the accessories or appliances to be accommodated within bath area.

Before you carry out remodelling, measure the dimension of accessories like a bath tub as well as the space, so that it can be accommodated within the given space marvellously. Thus, you would renovate your bath conveniently and even more efficiently.

Consider the appropriate height for a vanity within your bath

If you are having vanity on such a height that you feel inconvenience while washing your hands then while renovating bath area, please get the same fixed on such a level which may enable you to wash your hands without hindrance. Make a plan for doing certain changes before you go for renovating the bath.

Find a nook or corner for fixing a sink within your small bath

If you have a small bath area then making provision for a sink is almost a tedious task within. Under any circumstances you can’t accommodate your sink in it. You need not to worry. We have an innovative idea to find a place for your sink to be fixed efficiently in your bath. Choose any corner or nook within your small bath and fix the sink in such a way that it may not become a hurdle for your bath door to move properly while opening or shutting down. Therefore, think before you remodel bath area.

You may think of having a bath tub

Plan for a bath tub within your small bath area before you go to renovate it. Only your planning in advance would help you make a room for bath tub within the area. There are wide ranges of bath tubs that occupy a little space and specially meant for small bathrooms. Go to buy such improvised products and use within the bath superbly.

You may even go for small vanity

Substandard material and vanity big in size could jeopardize your plan for making your bath elegant before you renovate it. Always make it a point to buy good quality product while taking into consideration the shape and size of the product to be installed as per the space available within your bath area.

Look for affordable utilities that may not destabilize your budget

Make a plan to buy the material for your bath that may be within your reach, lest your budget may not destabilize. Floor or walls tiles if replaced, may cost you dearly. If it is within your budget, than there is no harm to buy the good quality of products within your reach to make wall and floor fabulous.

Before you buy any product for remodelling, go for its physical verification

Ensure that the material which is being used for renovation is as per the specification. Physical verification would go a long way to determine whether the material bought is in good condition and can be used for renovation to its perfection. Give it a top priority any way.


Kindly go through the tips and also let us have your comments on the subject. Thanks.

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