Bid Adieu to Old and Welcome to New Home

It is but natural that whenever we intend to opt for a new venture or look around for a new place to reside, our mind and heart do not accept the ground realities or the people there as they are not familiar to us. Gradually, over a period of time, we begin to accept all the things as it is and get ourselves adjusted accordingly to the prevailing conditions. So, we build our relations by interacting with each other as the time passes by. Naturally, it is without mention that you have been putting in at your old house years together and biding adieu at once could certainly make you desected and perturbed to some extent. Here are few tips that would help you attain happiness while biding adieu to old home and shifting to a new home.

Bid Adieu to Old and Welcome to New Home

Running documentary 

Before you decide to leave the old home, arrest the most enjoyable moments in your camera that you spent while staying at your old home. You must have a collection of portraits that may reveal all the activities of your little kids like filling colors within the given sketch of a man or animal or a landscape printed on a paper or in their drawing books, playing cricket at the back courtyard, engaging with a puzzle game or even spliting the eatables or cereals over the floor, reading books at a nook of old home while basking in the sun during the winter, etc. This would become a rarest of the rare treasure for your kids when they would be fully grown up. 

Track down memory leak

Your photo album would certainly take you tracking down memory leak and make you happy and overjoyed whenever you find yourself deselected sitting at a nook or corner of your new home all the time. So, just start turning on the pages of your album and attain all time contentment within your new home by having a glimps of rare photos. So, make your life more meaningful after you go to click some pictures or photos of day to day activities within your old home and keep your record intact. The collection of photos taken on some special occasion would naturally remind you of the joyous moments shared with your family members besides relatives or the nearest and dearest.   

Your footprints will stay here

Your footprints would work wonder if that may stay at your old home in the form of engraved art creation under your signatures in any nook and corner within your home.  In this way you will always be remembered by the person whosoever bought your old home and at the same time he would certainly wish to make cordial relations with you even after you left the home. 

 Welcome to New Home

Invite your neighbors and guests and host a tea party in their honor

Before you leave your old home or house, honor your guests, nearest and dearest, even your neighbors by arranging a tea party at their convenience.  In this way you would become more popular, incredible person for them even after you shift to a new home.

Welcome to new home

One of my friends sold his house and had a tough time while he shifted to a place where nobody was known to him. Anyhow, I suggested him not to get himself upset and gradually he will be comfortable in a due course of time. He had a patient hearing and now he is enjoying like anything after having shifted to his new dream home. If you have shifted to your new home recently, then do one thing. Give a quick refreshing to your new home by replacing unwanted things like dingy paint on the walls, faded away floors. So, apply fine quality paint and lay tiles onto the floor to give your home a new look elegantly. Certainly, your new home would extend you all warmth as you had been getting from the old one. 

Welcome your new neighbors

Again arrange a small tea party for the new neighbors to win their heart instantly. Always have positive attitudes towards them and also love each and every nook and corner of your new dream home. You will certainly get all pleasure and lead your life joyfully all the time.  


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