How to Save Money on Renovation of your Kitchen

Most of the time, it is observed that house owners make up their mind to carry out renovation within their bath or the kitchen area but suddenly drop the idea of doing so. Once, it happened with my close relative. I thought there may be some financial crunch or due to some domestic urgency he postponed the plan. Then I just persuaded him with a plan to make his dream true within budget. So, go through the following few tips to save money while renovating your kitchen area superbly. He did so and enjoying with a magnificently remodeled kitchen all the way. 

How to Save Money on Renovation of your Kitchen

Don’t go for customized cabinetry

Customized cabinetry for the kitchen is an all time costly affairs. So, in spite of buying this kind of cabinetry you may prefer to purchase ready-to-assemble cabinets for renovating kitchen area elegantly. It would naturally reduce the cost of cabinets to just half of the price to be paid for the customized cabinetry. The other option is to go for in-stock cabinetry that would also not eat your wallet much. During kitchen renovation, cabinetry is the most wanted and expensive product. So, it is always wise to buy either in-stock cabinetry or go for ready-to-assemble cabinets. In this way you will not spend money unnecessarily on hiring a contractor as you can assemble the ready-made cabinets yourself to get these accommodated within your kitchen area. 

Retain cabinetry already in use 

If you are already having cabinetry in good condition within your kitchen then you need not to buy the new one. Applying fine quality paint with vibrant but bold and bright color patterns to the old cabinetry would certainly give it a new look and style and your kitchen will be transformed superbly. So, go to implement the idea without giving it a second thought any way. 

Go for open shelf

It is without mention that open shelves in the kitchen would serve better if not covered using ply board planks. Ply board or wooden planks are more expensive and hence remodeling of kitchen may cost you dearly. So, instead of using planks to cover the shelves, apply good quality paint to bring an aesthetic view. The shelves could be bedecked while placing on it the decorative pots and delicious cuisines to eat. At the same time you can maintain the shelves superbly by cleaning its nook and corner with convenience. 

Remodel counter top within your budget

Adopt some cost effective measures while you are going to renovate the counter-top of your kitchen. You would save a lot then. There are innumerable products available in the market to be used for remodeling kitchen counter top. Of course, granite is the ultimate choice of every homeowner but if it is not within your budget then you may go for the products that may resemble with marble and granite stones all the time. You may opt for exclusively designed laminated tiles that are resembled with granite or marble stone. Buying tiles would certainly reduce the cost of remodeling counter top as half. 

Save Money on Renovation of your Kitchen

Partial remodeling would save your money

Wise people never go for renovating the entire area of their dream home. In the case of remodeling a kitchen same measures should be adopted if you want to cut the cost of remodeling in half. So, sketch out a plan to remodel every nook and corner of your kitchen one by one. Remodel the nook that is needed to be maintained urgently and leave the rest for renovation at a later stage. In this way you will save a lot of money. 

Removal or re-construction may cost you more

Replacing of floor tiles or marbled floor could stabilized your budget. So, do not go for remodeling the floor instead it can be repaired as and when required. You may chip off and get replaced certain dingy or faded away tiles if any and not the entire floor to give it a new look. Do not remove any wall. It will also cost you dearly. You know reconstruction and demolition is not a part of renovation at all.

Do not shift the appliances

Shifting of electrical and electronic gadgets or appliances may cost you dearly. So, do not intend to replace or shift the appliances to any of the corner of your kitchen area.  


Are you also on the look out to remodel your kitchen area magnificently and even within your budget. Than go through the article and find few tips to learn some cost effective measures to remodel it. Let us have your comments.Thanks.


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