How to Make Your Home Look Fresh

Sometime, dullness within your home mayperturb you greatly. You get tired of seeing the dingy walls and floor and want to bring all time elegance of your dream home back. It may be your furniture that has to be set right or put in place and even your kitchen where all daily use items are scattered like anything. It may be your bath or dining area where stains have a field day to make it look more awkward. A rarest of the rare creation or art work lying in dilapidated condition at a corner of your home making you much annoyed or there may be some other reasons behind the illness of your home. Are you facing such an awkward situation within your dream home? Then we have a remedy for you. You just go through the following few tips :

Make your drawing room alive

You are not satisfied with the placement of your furniture like your sofa set, table and chairs and even upholstery along with carpets or rugs on the floor. Until and unless you roll up all rugs and carpets lying beneath your furniture and upholstery, you can’t accommodate your furniture in place. Therefore, remove all the carpets and place your furniture in such a way that frequently visited area could be extended much to your expectations so that you may sit and walk through the space conveniently. In any way do not make your drawing room congested by placing furniture in a haphazard way.

Space occupied by small photo frames may clutter the surface of your wall

Always try to fix or hang out big canvases onto the walls of your dream home. It will certainly make your home most charming all the way. Small photo frames, artwork may clutter the space of your wall. It will look very awkward. Therefore, make it a habit to fix or hang out big canvases within your home that would make you feel differently.

In the absence of large and big canvas, you may convert small frame pieces into a grid

Arrange all small photo frames geometrically onto your wall. That could be rectangular or some pieces can be in square shapes. Make a beautiful and attractive pattern and get the same fixed onto your wall as a grid. This would certainly make your home look fresh all the time.

Lean or hang out a large size mirror onto the wall

If space is at a premium then lean an exclusively designed large size mirror against your wall or hangout the same at any place of your taste that would really make your home look gorgeous and more spacious than before.

Reduce visual clutter by swapping

Visual clutter can be reduced by swappingwooden fixture and furniture with acrylic or glass made furniture. Glass top dining table, coffee table or acrylic chairs are some of the examples which can be put in place to make your home look fresh and clutter free all the way.

Make your home look bigger by hanging curtains as high as ceiling

Hang out long or large size curtains from ceiling to bottom.  It would also make you ceiling appear as high as you could imagine. Your home would look much bigger, beautiful and alive. 


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