How to Renovate Your Home Using Magnetic Contents

When iron and dust particles are mixed with paint proportionately then magnetic primer emerges out. With this wonderful blend of paint, dust and iron you may renovate your dream home exotically.  Now-a-days, progressive houseowners consider the premier magnetic primer as a never ending part of their life style. Its usage has substantially been increased over a period of time. It’s gaining momentum and would certainly become the choice of millions across the world.


Before you apply magnetic primer onto your wall, shake it properly.

For yielding better results, shake magnetic primer properly before you intend to use or apply it onto your walls instantly. Shake it well and keep the process continue till you finish applying a coat of magnetic primer onto your walls failing which iron particles could accumulate deep into the bottom of the container and thus could make the painted areasmore magnetized.

Be careful about the ratio of iron, dust and paint

Don’t compare magnetic primer with a sheet of magnetized steel and instead consult an expert in the line as to how the perfect mixture is made out of these three ingredients. The pull of magnetic primer should not be much strong than that of a sheet of magnetized steel. If your best half moves around or walking past walls with wearing bracelets then she could feel some inconvenience due to strong pull created by the primer.  

No spike, screw is required for holding photos

If walls have a coat of magnetic primer than it would help to hold photos, art work or even papers without using spikes or screws onto the magnetized walls. But on the contrary magnetized walls may be health hazardous for grown ups or the little kids. They could face stomach disorder due to intestinal infections if they swallow magnets mistakenly.   

Magnetized wall within the children room may work wonder

Magnetized walls have strength to hold all sorts of iron based alphabets. Children are more curious to see and know about strange things. Therefore, this type of wall is beneficial for the kids or grown up children that may enlighten them with a difference. As far as we are concerned with the regular magnet, it has no strength to hold any kind of paper.

Be aware of oil-based paints

If oil-based paint is once splattered over the surface of any floor then it’s very difficult to get it removed from your skin and also from the surface. Therefore, before you go to apply such paint on to the surface of any wall, put on gloves and masking tapes along with drop clothes, etc., to save yourself from any untoward incidents. Also make it a point not to buy costly tools for applying a coat of paint to your dream home as sometime houseowners through out all used items like brushes, paints, rollers upon finishing painting work. 
Always paint light color over dark

Choosing a fine combination of paint is anart itself. However, if you apply a coat of light paint over the darker one, it will put such a good impression on your wall that may steal your heart unimaginatively.  

Get your home all ventilated

At last but not the least, get your dream home all ventilated. This would enable you to blow fumes or stink away from the space where you have applied a coat of magnetized paint. 


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