How to Make Your Home Summer Friendly

It’s time for fun and frolic for the kids who feel relieved of all study related burden the moment summer holidays starts. Obviously, children eagerly wait for the month of June and extend rousing reception as and when it sets in during the summer season. It an appropriate time to make your home summer friendly by preparing a check list to lift the face of your home with a difference. We have something very special for you. Kindly join us and go through the following few tips to derive lot of amusement out of it instantly.

Give top priority to your kitchen

Bring in all the gadgets and items to be utilized during the summer season and get aside all which are not in use. This will make your kitchen clean and clutter free all the way. By putting these items within your reach you could use the same conveniently all the time. Also, upkeep your cupboards and pantry by removing stains and dust particles to make it look fresh and new.

Include basement in your to-do list

Throughout the year you might have missed a chance to clean your basement. No problem, indeed! Now this is absolutely the perfect time to arrange your disorganized basement as per your taste and requirement. Clean all the upholstery along with other wooden or ply-board fixture and fittings lying in the garage. Swap all the items so that all dust particles accumulated beneath could be swept away without hindrance. It can be used as potting shed or a space for keeping some rare art work in place.  

Upkeep your guest bed room

Come summer and see a beeline of your guests visiting your home to spend some unforgettable moments with you. Before your guest arrive, ensure that you have sufficient number of linens, drapers, fresh bed-sheets, even towels, cushions, pillows, table lamps and a space to store their luggage neatly.

Find some place for holding parties within your home

Select a place within your home for holding a formal or informal get together party. It could be your recreation room where you may handle your guests easily while offering dinner or lunch or even arranging a tea-party for them. Before you plan to host any sorts of party, keep in stock beverages, fuel, snacks, etc., with you. This is an ideal way to entertain your guests, friends, nearest and dearest at home during summer.

Add dusting of kid’s room in your check list

Make a plan to clean out your children’s room superbly. Arrange all the gift items and trophies if any awarded by the schools or any art projects prepared in school during the year lying scattered within and put these all on display in a systematic way.  Also keep some summer favorites in an easy to catch place for the children. It will help your kids attain great fun and joy all the way.

Adorn your home with some antique collections

Visit nearby flea market and buy some second hand antique pieces to decor your dream home fabulously.  You may sell outdated pieces of decoration to make room for new arrivals.

Outdoor dine is the best way to entertain your kids and the guests

Pleasant weather may double your pleasure if you arrange outdoor dinner party for your guests and the family members. Therefore, don’t forget to miss this golden opportunity to enjoy the pleasant summer.


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