How to Renovate Your Old House

Transforming your older would naturally help you preserve all the rarest of the rare collections to keep your past memories alive for generations to come.You are lucky enough if you have inherited a house from your parents or grand parents which is lying abandoned and crying for its face lifting. If you are really intending to give it a face lift than you better to go throw the following tips that may get you enlightened the most.

Make your home feel narrating history of the past events

While making older home look fresh and new, always remember to organize some of your rare of the rarest collection in such a way that your home would make you feel narrating history of the past events one by one. Find ways to get inserted your photos and memories into the overall personality of the older home. Nooks and corners could provide best gallery spaces. Therefore, make your home time capsule of the present and reflection of the past all the way.

Hide its imperfections

Simply apply a coat of paint that would go a long way to hide all imperfections pertaining to your walls, floors even ceiling to its perfection. At the same time, it is advisable that do not make any changes or alteration while giving a face list to the rarest of the rare things built in different era like beautiful molding, gorgeous in-built cabinets or stylish doors and windows. Just trim these collections and apply typically dark or bright colors to preserve its original texture, color, shape and size as it is.

Make the older homes as a blend of traditional and modern era

No doubt, you have wooden furniture and fixtures like doors, windows, sofa set, arm chairs, etc of old but rarest of the rare style. Even then you may add some modern utilities like TV, computer, modern sofa set, electrical and electronic gadgets within your older homes that would certainly make your home an example of unmatched blend of traditional and modern era home all the time. 

Use neutral contrasting shade like blue-green while trimming

While you go for trimming any area of application within your older home then always apply neutral contrasting shade like blue-green that would yield good results certainly to give a new look to your older home instantly. A coat of same color to your ceiling would add extra charm to it aesthetically. 

Extend your older home a traditional royal feel

It is without mention that navy color is considered to be a royal color for royal people. Apply it to describe the accent walls of your older home with this royal color and have a traditional feel within your home all the time.

Apply white as accent color in case of stained window panes

If you are having exclusively designed typical stained window panes, than always apply white shade as accent color to your wall as well as your ceiling. Your old home will certainly look new all the way. 

Geometrically printed wall paper may enhance the glow of your doors and windows

Go to fix geometrically printed wall papers housing adhesive to your walls and get stunning results instantly. Wall paper would obviously define your typical and classic doors and windows with a difference. 

Open plan floors could accommodate rugs as accent wall

 If you have an open plan floor within your old home then there is no starting and ending points of rooms. In such cases, rugs or carpets could be treated as accent wall of your home.Therefore roll down these anywhere within your open plan floor and feel structure without touching the wall.

You need not to remove abnormal windows

Older homes often had unconventional or abnormal windows. Its removal may attract demolition of entire structure of your old home. You need not to remove it. Instead get it concealed using exclusively designed wall size fabric curtains or drapery. It would make your old home much bright.

Don’t try to hide original architecture

You need not to raise any structure within the older homes for storage as it could hide your original architecture certainly. You may go for huge book cases for accommodating your items of daily use without making any alteration. Therefore, place huge racks and book cases and use it as space for your storage superbly.  


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